Yes, the majority of worker complaints do not result in lawsuits. However, as an employer, there will be times when you will require the assistance of a compensation lawyer attorney. To begin with, work-related accidents and injuries can have a financial impact on your company. In the case of a single claim, for example, multiple parties will be involved.

Below are some of the situations that should prompt you to look for a workers’ compensation lawyer

When an employee rejects benefits

When an employee gets injured by a work-related accident, they can file a compensation claim. This is usually done in the labor authorities that work with such claims. If the employee accepts the settlement package or benefits offered, their right to sue the business is waived. However, there are some cases where the worker decides to reject these offers and chooses to take legal action. Such a situation will require a compensation lawyer who is conversant with such matters.

The good thing about such legal processes is that most of the compensation insurance policies have an added liability insurance that can help you cover the legal expenses related to the claim. This includes the cost of hiring a lawyer too.

If your business has not yet purchased worker compensation insurance

Accidents can just catch you off-guard. Additionally, suppose you have a business that poses risks to workers, and you haven’t bought compensation insurance yet. In that case, you will most likely be summoned by the body governing worker safety and health. In case such situations happen to you, the wisest step to take is to contact a worker compensation lawyer. Why? In case the worker gets injured, you can be held liable for all the medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits. Moreover, you will still be at risk of facing penalties, lawsuits, and other legal actions.

If the employee’s insurance claim is rejected

Most of the compensation insurance claims are accepted, and the claimant gets their compensation. However, there are some cases where the claims get rejected. In such a scenario, the worker might feel violated and end up suing you instead or appeal the insurer’s decision to reject the claim. Such a situation will most likely end up involving you. As an employer, you are not equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to get involved with the case independently. Therefore, hiring a workers compensation lawyer who will represent you in the proceedings is essential.

Some insurance providers can appoint a lawyer for you. This, however, is not guaranteed.

If you want to understand the compensation law

Legal information might seem unnecessary for an employer. However, the truth is that being on the know on legal matters is as important as any other necessary knowledge. For example, you need to know how the claims process goes and the different claims and benefits. Therefore, you might simply hire a lawyer for advice when related matters arise. The lawyer will also guide in taking the steps needed to avoid problems in the future.

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